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27 June 1977

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Dear Prongs,

The letter to Prongs was very inconspicously placed atop the letter to Padfoot. Remus felt it best to simply send them via the same owl from now on, but, to let his frustration be known, continued to address them to Sirius Black, Care of Mr. and Mrs. Potter, rather than to James, and to wrap them in the same envelopes.

Bloody hell yourself, mate. I was starting, really, I was, I was starting to feel guilty about yelling at you, even if it was in ink, and even if it ink that was all over a letter to Sirius, I was starting to feel guilty. But having read your response, that absolutely daft response, I am quite over my brief moment of insanity.

You are right, in the sense, that she makes you stupid. She used to make me stupid, rather, make me feel stupid, not really the same, I know, but I have no problem with Lily. You know this. But now she simply makes me worried, not stupid, just...worried. You've got that look on your face like it takes very little, I can see it already. This thing...this...map...these...oh, lord, these elephants...they're not about Lily. They're about US. The four of us. Us...the marauders, mate. D'you get that? I know...I know how important she is to you...well, really, I probably have no idea but I understand, I do, honest, I do...I try, anyway...and I'm just

Several fairly large blotches of ink were left on the parchment here, as if Remus sat there too long thinking, without moving his quill.

I'm just gutted by the fact that you're so stupid by her that you think she won't turn us in for...for this. That she won't turn the map in. That she won't think it's despicable, because I know her, despite what you think, I do, and she won't approve. I know she won't approve. She doesn't approve, does she? She'll turn it pear shaped, mate.

Did it ever occur to you that as Head Boy, despite our rather...colorful...past at that school, you might be able to get us passwords?


P.S. I shall avoid the post with Lily for awhile. Need mulling first.


The following was the letter addressed simply to Padfoot.


Dear Padfoot,

I...I...I'm glad he was thumped. Sorry about the prodding; I feel as if that's my fault. I do hope you defenestrated him thoroughly for it.

Your concern, somehow, makes me feel quite a bit better. I don't know what it is about your concern that does it, really, but with the risk of sounding like a girl, and the risk of you, well, admonishing me again, thank you. Why is it that all my letters to you come out as thank you notes? I should buy some of those Muggle cards, perhaps. There shall be no flinging of ones-self off the Gryffindor tower even if I am dead, please.

I have interest in you going home because I have interest in your well-being, Padfoot. Because...well...because I think that you deserve to at least know what's going on. I don't know. I know you're left out of that family a lot, and believe me, I know what being left ou of things a lot feels like, and I know it's a horrid feeling, and so I guess, I just, hate the thought of you being left out of something that's really just a part of you.

And, I know you didn't. I don't intend to stop owling to you, but until we find out Lily's position on all this...well...best lay low on the you-know-what.



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