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26 June 1977

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Bloody hell, mate -

I don't know why you're all wound up about this! I'm Head Boy and I knew about the project, so I thought it only right that the Head Girl know, too! So we both know! Otherwise none of us should know! AND BESIDES, you are forgetting a most important aspect of Lily's knowing about the map - she can get us passwords, mate. Passwords to places we can't normally get into. She's much more clever than Pads gives her credit and I hope I'm sure she won't let anyone onto us. You can blame me all you want but the map's not going to go unmapped and it's not going to be confiscated and we're bloody well not going to get thrown out of Hogwarts as we are close enough to commencement that the professors would be foolish to throw us out now as opposed to years ago for doing much WORSE THINGS THAN MAPPING.

You just don't know Lily like I do, Moony. You don't know how clever she can be! I don't know why I told her - I really don't - but one minute we were on the couch (JUST TALKING) and she was winding her hair 'round her fingers and she seemed so interested in how you've been that I wanted to tell her what you were excited about. I couldn't stop myself, Moony! You don't know what it's like to be around a girl like her. She makes me stupid! Merlin, does she make me stupid, and Merlin... do I love it.

So untwist your knickers and buck up!! She didn't say she'd report us so I'm not worried, and she ought to be sending an owl your way soon, anyway - she's curious to know how you're summer's been, she said. Though she said that after I mentioned the map so I don't know if it was girl-speak or not.

And don't listen to Padfoot because I did absolutely tell Lily that this was work for men and men alone!

And don't be jealous that you don't hear the elephants!! Pads has told me all about your inability to hear them and I am sad for you!

Good luck with posting to Lily!
Mssr. Prongs

Tucked inside the parchment written by James is a note from Sirius.


Consider Prongs thoroughly thumped, though it became a little difficult as he grabbed his Firebolt and started prodding me off with it. I would say I don't know what he was thinking, though that would be a lie as I'm absolutely aware that he was thinking nothing at all. Will continue to lay siege to Fortress James through various means of pranking and pummeling until you call off the battle.

I don't mean for James to jump into our letters, though I'm sure he wants to post to you as well. Plan on keeping him away now so you can go back to writing to me and only me! At least, in our letters. Obviously you wouldn't be writing to me through James, as that would ruin the entire point of separate post. At any rate, I didn't mean him to read it and he hadn't shown any interest before so you really shouldn't worry - am afraid any more worrying will bring on early Moony death. Could not live with self if wound up as source of Moony stress-death and would have to fling self off Gryffindor tower and would make exceedingly grotesque mess all over Hogwarts.

So I do hope you keep writing to me and I'm sure James could stand to write a few letters as well. Write back soon - to me, if not both of us.

I didn't mean to. Really.

Yours etc.,

PS: Why do you have so much interest in my visiting home? Why would you be GLAD about it? Just curious, as cannot think of any reason to feel happiness in relation to Black family.
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