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24 June 1977

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Mssr. Moony,

Prongs took your letter from me and read it, and he says you sound like

Here the writing changes from Sirius' unsuspectingly precise cursive to James' scrawling print.

If you want Head Boy you can have it because it is a lot of responsibility and let's be honest - I will only abuse my power. But if you try to appeal and get the position instead of me I will expect you to abuse your power as well!! So it doesn't matter who has the job as long as its one of us and I will try to get Lily to come around to our side as well since we could use her help (passwords and covering for us) in this mapping. I did tell her about it a little last time she was visiting from London and she seemed very surprised at you because I think she expects Sirius and me to get bored with it but she knows you and knows that you will keep us in line and make it get finished. I told her not to bother trying to stop us because it is a job for men and we will not be

The writing changes back after what - on parchment - appears to have been a brief tussle over the quill.

Prongs is a prat. He didn't TELL her anything - he was all but begging her not to report us when she got that acid pop look on her face. And I have already punched him in the arm for telling her after we both told him not to, so that is taken care of. She could be useful, though - I mean, useful in more ways than distracting Prongs so we can hide things in his underpants drawer. Perhaps write her a letter and explain yourself? You know James and I are utterly incapable, charming though we may be. Also, I heard from Pete yesterday and he says he's been working on different charms that might help us, so barring any complications from Red it should be on.

After sending a few owls back and forth with Andromeda, I think I will go to Grimmauld next weekend - she and I both want to know what's so important that they're bothering with us, and I would feel guilty leaving her alone in that madhouse. Speaking of, mum's fresh out of St. Mungo's, Remus told me, so we'll get her delightful company as well. Can you feel my joy radiating all the the way from Surrey? CAN YOU? Regulus and my other cousins and their husbands are going to be there, too, so I need to stock up on dungbombs before leaving.

I want you to pity me, Moony. Pity me as I go back to Grimmauld and spend an entire weekend being sneered at because I'm sure there's nothing in my ruddy uncle's will for me and they're only inviting me because they need to practice being prats.

It's almost time for supper, so sorry to cut this short. Write back before the weekend as will be feeling very unloved and would appreciate having letter of adoration and hero-worship as source of strength to carry on.

From the Most Ancient and Terrible House of Black,
Mssr. Padfoot

And from the Most Recent and Tolerable House of Potter,
Mssr. Prongs

PS: Really, do you have to thank me every time I stay with you during the moon? I'd not do it if I didn't want to, so stop acting so grateful all the time.

Am glad you're feeling better, and hope your scratches are healing well. Miss being there already.

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