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Letter to Remus: 18 June 1977

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You're going to kill me but I have caught a cold. I don't know if it's because of the swampy thing that Prongs and I ran through and played in the other day or the rain or falling asleep on the roof but I don't feel well at all. Mrs. Potter is keeping me full of soup, however, and your jumper has now become quite useful.

I told Mrs. Potter that going outside would be good for me but she insisted otherwise. Can hear James playing Quidditch outside with the neighbors (Margie and Mort Mallory from next door and the Biffles from down the way) and it is killing me more than any cold. It does not help that after every goal he makes, he flies by the window and shouts how much fun he's having. Git.

Will not be swayed from visiting, however, as have iron constitution, especially when a visit is on the line. Tell your parents I'll get there probably middle of Friday and be leaving sometime Monday (since the moon happens on Saturday and want to make sure you are okay before leaving). Do not have more specific times than that, but feel free to make some up if your mum and dad are tucked up about it.

Starting to feel better about this whole Hogwarts situation. We'll knock it right out in Quidditch this year and it is nice to know that I will perhaps have less detention than usual now that you and Prongs are in charge. Also like knowing that I have freedom to get away with things like making that greasy git Snivellus' last year as hellish as possible - wouldn't want him to forget us after we all leave, right?

And I NEVER SAID I WAS GIVING UP ON THE MAP OR MARAUDERS. More excited about it than ever, actually, considering we now have protection to get away with sneaking about after hours. If you lot can schedule your duties while I am in detention it will be simply smashing. Thought of a few more places we could try mapping (the Forbidden Forest, the sub-dungeons, the kitchen) but also have a question. How are we supposed to make a map of the main areas, where the stairs move and doors shift about? Seems a bit daft to have a map of those areas when they're never entirely the same. Also, did you give any thought to Prongs' idea of charming the map so only we can see it? Very worried about Filch getting hold of it - have avoided the cuffs in his office for six years and would like to keep it that way.

Am glad you've realized how brilliant the name is even if you don't see the elephants when we say it. Really defines what we're doing, you know? Am very keen on it and very happy you are coming around to it as well.

In general feeling much better than I was before, except for this case of the snuffles and what Andromeda wrote me about today. Apparently all the cousins are coming along with my aunt to wrap up some things since Uncle Alphard died and I am required to be there. Am not eager to see any of them but Andromeda, who I haven't seen in ages (mum blasted her off the tree, too, for equally stupid reasons). Need to stock up on dungbombs before I go, as Regulus will probably be in full bloody form. Still hate my family. A lot. Still don't want to go. A lot.

Write back soon, Moony. I am dying.*

Yours etc.

* - of boredom
* * *