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Letter to Remus: 17 June 1977

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What's that, a bloody consolation prize? "Here, we don't think you're bright enough to handle any sort of responsibilities, so do this instead"?

I am neither stupid NOR incapable and I will thank EVERYONE to stop assuming such.

The next part of his letter appears to be written much less furiously and with a sharper quill. It is likely that he took a break and came back to the letter later.

James seems a bit dumbfounded about it all - says he doesn't know how he managed it. I accused him of sneaking about, ingratiating himself to professors when I wasn't there, but he denied it and punched me in the arm. Suppose it's not so bad that James has to herd the first years around and I don't, and better that one of us is in Position of Power than none. Maybe he can let us get away with things that we haven't been able to before. Certainly will not have to worry about getting points taken away for bothering Slytherins. Snivellus is going to wet himself when he sees James is Head Boy.

Somehow that makes it all a bit better, even if he will just smell worse for it.

Still not fair, though, that everyone else has things to do that don't involve me. Running pranks is no fun if James isn't there to help and if you're not there to disapprove and inadvertantly offer better ideas and if Peter isn't there to laugh. Guess Peter will still be around, though. Would say it means you and I can really get going on the map, but once classes start we know that won't be true.

I hoped we'd all be in on this, all the way - the map and Marauders and all of it. We're supposed to be tighter now than ever and it doesn't feel like that's how it'll be. I just hate the idea that in our last year we're all going to be split up doing other things. Maybe that was the actual plan for giving you and James positions - to break us up and stop us having fun. Seems to be working if it can cast such a rotten cloud over my summer of all things. I feel like I'm being abandoned by everyone but Peter at this point.

Will have to get over it, I suppose, or realize that I am probably just being typical sullen spoiled disgusting Black child.

And if you tell James I said any of this I swear I'll do something really terrible. Not sure what yet, but it will be terrible. And not that I think you would, but must take precautions.

Was good seeing you, if only for a little while. Mrs. Potter says you forgot a jumper - I told her you left it for me since I'd not been wearing one, and she said you are a very sensible boy and that James and I could learn a lesson from you. So, am being expected to wear your green jumper and planning on getting it wretchedly dirty before bringing it back to you. I hope you like the smell of dog and cigarettes.

Didn't mean to fall asleep the other night, by the way. I was tired after running around with James all day. It was an accident - really. But you said something about big ideas for the map? Then something about spying and killer parchment? Think killing is a bit iffy but maybe finger-gnawing parchment would be fun. Spying is also a good idea, just in general. Let me know what you were thinking - otherwise, we can talk when I get there Friday.

Hope that's still okay.

From the Noble and Mo Sod it.


PS: Still haven't heard from Grimmauld Place or Andromeda. Wondering if I should bother going at all - can imagine no good that will come of this. None at all.
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